Basketball Letter and Team


Basketball ’24 + ’25

Capt. Fern Boyer


Helen Dunkle
Fern Boyer
Fern Leeper
Davina (that’s me)


Virginia (Jenny) Thompson
Pauline Wolfe
Frances Merritt
Alberta Mapes


Hazel Morgan
Irene Mulford
Helen Ionts
Hortense Thompson

Ernest (Erney) F. Dean and Olive Gass Inscriptions


Dear Davina:

I am sure you will never forget the Teacher Training Agriculture Class of ’25 and the field trips we took. Also the composition you wrote on men. Everytime I think of you , I will also think of that lid Hudson for every where I would go I would see that car. I wish you happiness and success in your later life and may you make ‘Jack’ a good secretary someday.

Always your friend,

Erney F. Dean

Dear Davina,

We sure have had a lot of fun in our senior year especially in phys ed altho when you took up “basket ball” they made you drop it. You sure can help me guard if you are needed can you not.

I remain,

Olive Gass

Theo Stone Inscription


March 4, 1925

Trenton Mo.

Dear Davina:

Don’t forget basket ball of 1925. I was your running center in practice. We sure had a keen time altho we didn’t make the first team, well the ball has many so I’ll have to ask you to always remember me by this little bit of writing.

Your friend,

Theo Stone
alias (Chubbie)

Frances Marriott Inscription


March 4, 1925

Dear Davina,

We are all in the assembly hall listening to the Radio. We will hear Pres Coolidge in a few minutes. Say kid, remember the night that you, Mary & Brandie & I went to a “basket ball” game together and after the game. (I think we played Laredo, I don’t remember for sure) any way we went “car riding” with you know you? I haven’t known you so very long but yet quite a while to. I think I first got acquainted through going up to Aunt Lizzie Lattle’s when they lived by your folks. I have got better acquainted with you each year. Last year we both practice basket ball also this year. We sure do have some good times don’t we? (Do you remember when we used to go out to Jennings (strawberries?) I sure do.
I don’t know much else to write only I hope to be near you for a few more years any way and I think of you as my friend and I hope you think of me as your friend. I want to wish you all the happiness that I can wish anyone. I hope that your latter life will be as happy as your high school and that you remember the old T.H.S. days.

I hope to remain
as ever your friend,

Frances Marriott

Maurice Kells Inscription


Jan 23, 1925

Dear Davina,

Shall I remember you. I’ll say I will because we have both been fellow sufferers in T.T class. I shall never forget a dear friend and seatmate or rather tablemate. Davina do you know how to throw goals by now. Remember 2nd hour Physical Ed and the basketballs.
Boy if Miss N would see this and after her constant talking and emphasis on Grammer I’m sure she’ll recommend me. Don’t you think so. (I know she will not). May happiness be your and live a long peaceful life with __________ probably S.J. Your friend Till Happy Hooligan runs for President.

Maurice Kells

Maurice Goins and Merle Overton Inscriptions


Dear Davina,

I will always remember our agriculture class under Herrington and the day he read one of your composition on “Men”. You understand them so well.

Maurice Goins
Senior 24-25
2202 Mable St.

Dear Davina,

Oh those interesting days we spent last year and this year preparing for Teacher Training about ten minutes beforehand. Also all our “bawling outs” in Agriculture class. Don’t forget our basketball team and I am sure I won’t.

Merle Overton
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