Business Cards and Souveniers

Ethel Doyle, Erwin & I Chillicothe June 9, 1925. Fun?- I’ll say- Plans for Beaver Lake but our plans didn’t work.

(Less we forget) Herbert Saunders, Harry Morris drummer and violinist- Alley’s Cafe- Curves?? “Beasely and Red Ball yes! gods”

Did I fall? Oh! Lord. Met in Chilli, the romantic town, ride home Wed. nite at dance. Studebaker. Ditched?? Tired??

Pretty good dancer

“It’s three o’clock in the morning” Early yes? Florence, Clair Slonecker, Etta, Georgie May, Myrtle, Charlie May- More fun- Napes Cafe- Paw Paw patch- Swim- next morning

Gosh! Hard to get rid of.

April Fool- found in an alley?

Chillicothe 7-18-25 7-19-25 Swimming Fun?- Oh! gee-

Ethel Rosenbaum, me & one serious talk

Found on Harris Ave, can we forget Harris Ave Ethel?