Ethel Inscription and Photograph

July 10, 1925

Dearest Davina:

In recalling memories as that is what we are doing, we will have to begin at the bottom, the first step up the ladder of our education was when we first entered the door of Old Third Ward as schoolmates.

We went from the first to the twelfth, laboring for the thing we need for future use, namely education. We thought we were very much abused then, but when we look back now and see the good times we did really have, we know now that we were very much wrong. Looking back upon those days, which are such memories now, we enjoy knowing that we ? had our share of the fun in school days, tho it may not be as much as we would like to have had.
When we entered Central we thought we were really taking a big step, but it was merely what it was from one grade to another. True too, we had our share of fun, with, of course, trials and troubles mingled with it.

The last and largest step comes next the one to high school. We were not together much in high school but I know those days were not so very different from the rest at least not for me.

The banquets and receptions given in the four years of high school very all very beautiful for a small one horse town, you know like us.
Here’s hoping I will take another step on the ladder and fix myself once and for all, tho you never get too old to learn, that one to Junior College
Do you suppose we will always have to be bookkeepers and steno?
We will if we don’t change our way.

We think we are not vain, but speaking of olden times. How would you like to go back and take one more ride on ‘Old Doll”, I think you would and I know I would, because we have spent many a pleasant hour out to Pa’s. Now we have grown up (almost) and are always busy, our minds occupied with what we would term more important business.

About our first smash was year with Eugene (birdlegs) and me Bernice, those days are gone forever. I don’t know whether I am glad or sorry.

I am now going to leave the old time and jot down something that has happened so I will not forget so easily.

When my mind is working I will recall to your mind other memories which it would be rather queer to forget.

Now in order , please.
Doyle Aucker, mine. Erwin Hargoone yours. St. Joseph could you forget, I may change my mind but I think they are knockouts.
How do you like orchestra accompaniment? Keen I claim. Especially violinist and drummer. Hubert Saunders, Harry Morris, St. Louis. Hila Morgan Tent Theatre.

Oh, those parties, I cannot forget, for remembering, how about you.
I like pie, I like cake
I like Highballs, I like Jake
We take ‘em all ‘tho we are kinda particular ah that don’t you think.

Dell Blackburn,
I like him pretty well myself
Tho you never talked very favorable of him.

Did you say a State Highway man?
Oh yes I remember him, but it doesn’t thrill me to remember him, he is the hunk. Oh I mean Williams.

What do you say, Let’s make the next stay Colorado Springs, are you game?
Oh yes the Dick and how he had begger me for a date and tried to make me promise, oh yes in his eyes my name is not Ethel but Independence.

Ernest (Erney) F. Dean and Olive Gass Inscriptions


Dear Davina:

I am sure you will never forget the Teacher Training Agriculture Class of ’25 and the field trips we took. Also the composition you wrote on men. Everytime I think of you , I will also think of that lid Hudson for every where I would go I would see that car. I wish you happiness and success in your later life and may you make ‘Jack’ a good secretary someday.

Always your friend,

Erney F. Dean

Dear Davina,

We sure have had a lot of fun in our senior year especially in phys ed altho when you took up “basket ball” they made you drop it. You sure can help me guard if you are needed can you not.

I remain,

Olive Gass

Josephine Brower Inscription


Dear Davina:

My it doesn’t seem possible that it is time for memory books but our four years are nearly over but I hope our good times are not over- Remember the good times we have had in Teacher Training I, II, III (Believe it or not) also our times in Agri and Physical Education. What little time you were in there.
Wishing you all the success as a old maid school teacher.

A sister in the same profession.

Josephine Brower
Senior 24-25