Helen F. and Hilda Lenz Inscriptions


Mar 2 1925

Dear Davina:

I am at loss to know what to say in your book but I shall always remember you as the “vamp and heart breaker” of Fair Drug Co. Don’t forget the good times we had, or rather we had at the dances and what a hard time I had deciding what to do and where to go. I hope that you have as much success in the future as you have attained here.

I remain
your “little” friend

Helen F.

Dear Davina:

When you get to teaching school think of me as a follower of the same profession. Remember me as a member of the senior class of ‘25 (good old class wasn’t it?)

Hilda Lenz

Lockie Lee Canady Inscription


February 26, 1925

Dear Davina,

Don’t forget the time at the football game between Marysville and Trenton where we had to drive all over town, hunting for Hershey Bars and other kind of boxes and the hard luck you had with the fender on somebody’s car.
Then again will you ever forget the night when we went to Chillicothe and the wild ride home when we tried to imitate the ‘Big Dip’ at Electric Park. And the delicious chocolate sodas we had that night at Shirley’s. I can still taste them.
In years to come I shall always remember the girl who fixed me up such “keen” cokes at Fairs Drug Store.
Remember me as one of T.H.S.’ old students of 1925.

Lockie Lee Canady

Gordon Price Inscription


Dear Daggie etc:

I will hereby take my pen and ink in hand and drop a line. I tried to do you a favor but owing to circumstances, I couldn’t. Altho I squeezed, pounded, n’everything but was SOP. Please try KRESS. I hope your unfortunate in life. You will be if you stick around Fairs. I know you Tried to do your derndest but you never. I hope you get a Hudson again if the other one never comes back. One afternoon locked in the store. Always say your prayers. Always take care of your hiking suit. That was sure a good alibi!!
I hope you live until your 64 or older. I’ll never forget your size! Who would? Or forget a few other things.

One of your couldn’t do withouts

Gordon Price

Barrington “Barry” Paris and Maurice Parker Inscriptions



Although I am very ignorant as to what I shall say, I shall proceed to put in something. I’ll remember you as the Dance Queen and also as Fair’s Drug Stores center of attraction. Remember me as a boyfriend.

Chillicothe Orchestra
“Barry” Paris

You are working at Fairs now but you will soon be married and you won’t have to work. When you do please remember that I will be looking for someone.

Maurice Parker
Jan 28, 1925

Virginia Caldwell Inscription



Dearest Davina!

This is a terrible time to write. Assembly and all the kids yelling and carrying on. Study hall-
Well! That’s over:
Davina. I believe we first became friends over a mutual unhappiness. Big fact! I don’t know how many times we’ve spent in Fairs taking off, trying on, and changing shoes, but it must number up in the thousands.
Never forget the wild night ride to Chilli in the Hudson when you lost the money and nearly killed us in the bargain.
Well, old dear, our terms almost up and I must admit that I’m sorry and that we’ve sure had some hot times.
But never forget the craziest fool in old T.H.S.

Virginia Caldwell