Mildred’s Inscription

Dearest Dav:

Who does the sound of that name make you think of? Every time I hear you called Dav I always think of a certain fellow who wore a gabardine coat. He was okay but we didn’t like the coat. We have certainly had some wonderful times since we met those kids and I don’t know what we will do when they leave. However, we got along before we met them and I think we will get along after they are gone.
“I want to go to Chillicothe and where is that hemorrhage”. I don’t think that cure would have much effect it didn’t seem to anyway. I had bushels of fun coming home but can’t say as much for the trip going and during the dance. Remember to change cars about five miles out of town.
Also our many flying trips to Chilli and the wonderful times we had. You gazing at J. and me flirting with — I wonder who?
Something seems to tell me that those good old days are just about gone and it is probably for the best as we need a rest.
I could write a book on our good times but I know you will never forget them and there is no need to tell our secrets to everybody who reads this book
I will sign off wishing you the best of success in life.

Your old pal


Letter from Etta Rice


Dearest Dave,

How dare thee say I have not written thee, why I wrote the biggest, fattest, longest letter the other day to you — but I forgot to mail — it.

Last night a bunch of we kids went on a green apple excursion and oh la: you know the feeling after eating 9 big green ‘uns — or do you? well naturally my stomach felt so full I couldn’t sleep – when I got home, so I persuaded Myrtle to climb out on the roof with me. I thought we looked terrible much like escaped idiots sitting on the peak of the roof, as no doubt you can imagine. But since it was so hard sticking up there and pretty moonlight too so we decided to get down so we slid down to the porch top. I wish you could have seen the seat of my pajamas this morning, they had taken on a blackened hue — and Myrtle tore a big hunk out of her gown. It was a delightful epoch — to be sure.

Did you ever see the picture “Kiss Me Again”. Florence, Myrtle and I went the other night to it — it was so silly, the name is terribly deceiving.

It won’t be so very long before Myrtle is leaving now and so we want you to come down and visit us — we probably won’t have as much fun as we had down to your house — but I won’t forget you and introduce you to some of the college boys. So we’ll have a pretty peachy time anyway. Maybe we’ll have a bunker party — there fun I think, don’t you.

I got a hair cut last evening and well, you should see me now — I suspect the “bober” of thinking I was a poor little girl and didn’t get a hold of .30c every day — so he gave me a short one. So I’m wearing my hair straight today.

Hark ye! I hear a melodious tinkle me thinks it is the 4 o’clock bell — so must close —

Bushels of Love

Etta “disha” Rice

Virginia Caldwell Inscription



Dearest Davina!

This is a terrible time to write. Assembly and all the kids yelling and carrying on. Study hall-
Well! That’s over:
Davina. I believe we first became friends over a mutual unhappiness. Big fact! I don’t know how many times we’ve spent in Fairs taking off, trying on, and changing shoes, but it must number up in the thousands.
Never forget the wild night ride to Chilli in the Hudson when you lost the money and nearly killed us in the bargain.
Well, old dear, our terms almost up and I must admit that I’m sorry and that we’ve sure had some hot times.
But never forget the craziest fool in old T.H.S.

Virginia Caldwell