Trenton Chillicothe Thanksgiving Football Game Program

Thanksgiving Game

Trenton vs Chillicothe

Thursday, November 27

Price 20 cents

Awful cold day but what’s the diff we won as usual

Trenton High School Squad
Top Row- R. Moore, Smith; Third Row- Chapman, Clements, Pence, Goins, M. Graham, Walker, Cooper. Second Row- Walters, Horner, M. Jones, McReynolds, Reddig, Moore, Pond, Forbes. Bottom Row- Harrington, (asst. coach), Ervin, (capt.), Ebbe, Lewis, Graham, Thompson, Stroff, Taylor, Barnes, (coach).

Coach Paul Barnes
Trenton’s mentor got his early athletic training at the University of Missouri, where his activities were closely linked with the college athletic world. For four years he was a member of the college gym team and two years of the time was captain. He was university cheerleader for two years.
After leaving college, he coached the Oklahoma City high school eleven and won state championship. Later he won city championship of Nashville, Tenn., as coach of the Peabody College there.
He started coaching in Trenton in 1920, winning Northwest Missouri honors in 1920 and 1921.

Margaret Keating Inscription


Why should a young lady get “ill” riding in a coupe?? Was in the coupe??

April 30, 1925

Dear “Dage”:

Well we are almost at the “jumping off” place. After twelve years of work together in the close distance we can almost see our “sheepskins”.
Don’t dare ever forget 3rd ward and a little blond with long hair who was skinny and mean, she got over the skinniness but not the meanness. Our high school days and last but not least our many arguments over locker keys.
Remember one evening that we went to Chili??? Remember Dick the hero of our dime novel??? The day we tried to take down the fence at the football game?? And if you feel inclined to wonder, think and work, tell me why does light penetrate into seemingly dark places?

Your third ward friend,
Margaret Keating

Lockie Lee Canady Inscription


February 26, 1925

Dear Davina,

Don’t forget the time at the football game between Marysville and Trenton where we had to drive all over town, hunting for Hershey Bars and other kind of boxes and the hard luck you had with the fender on somebody’s car.
Then again will you ever forget the night when we went to Chillicothe and the wild ride home when we tried to imitate the ‘Big Dip’ at Electric Park. And the delicious chocolate sodas we had that night at Shirley’s. I can still taste them.
In years to come I shall always remember the girl who fixed me up such “keen” cokes at Fairs Drug Store.
Remember me as one of T.H.S.’ old students of 1925.

Lockie Lee Canady

Pauline Wolfe Inscription


Trenton Missouri
January 16, 1925

Dear Davina:

We have had lots of fun in our school days but this year will end it. I have always considered you as a friend and hope you feel the same way about me. I know you will always remember the day we skipped school (1924) and went to Chilli in Grace’s car (combs) and the day we hid in the cloak room from Miss Conner. They were the good old days. Remember the day we went to meet the football boys in the Hudson and ––––??–– Out of luck.

A true friend,

Pauline Wolfe
802 Kitty St.
Trenton Mo.