Class Song and Motto



Sen – Sen
ior – ior

Class Song

Here we are,
on our toes,
All dressed up
in our Hobo Clothes,
Its Senior Day.
Just like the
other three classes-
we hope that every
one passes.
We’re called up,
now and then.
We’re called down
only when
We’re too smart.
Now that we are leaving,
The teachers will
be grieving.
We hope this class day
will help cheer them
Hobo Day. I should say
all dressed up in
green array- Senior Day


If you find the hill of success slippery, use grit.



Classmates Ever

Friends I’ll meet as I grow older,
But no better friends than these.
Later years mean hearts grow colder,
Lacking earlier memories:
Later years mean hearts untruthful,
Filled with thoughts of selfishness:
Here, from souls as frank as youthful
Comes the love my life shall bless.

Here, between us, no concealment
Lies within the outstretched hand:
Here we give ourselves revealment,
Firmly, truly, do we stand:
Here’s no wrong that needs correction:
Classmates, every one a friend
In the hands of firm affection,
Bound together to the end!

Jane N. Scott