Myrtle Grantham Inscription


July 4, 1925

Oh-o-hum! Davina! Florence! Etta, lets go for a dive!! Thish ish- stew- mush. Ain’t us wicked?
We believe in getting in early. What’s that about pa-paws? You be surprised.* Ah, my dear one I hear the choo-choo arivin’ so must sign off.
I wish you oodles and gobs of – er- a – heart beats and hope you don’t fall too hard until he falls for you. If you ever arrive in A.C. be sure to hunt me up. Remember the hike we’re going to take to Wyo.

Myrtle Grantham

834 So. A St.
Arkansas City, Kansas

Gordon Price Inscription


Dear Daggie etc:

I will hereby take my pen and ink in hand and drop a line. I tried to do you a favor but owing to circumstances, I couldn’t. Altho I squeezed, pounded, n’everything but was SOP. Please try KRESS. I hope your unfortunate in life. You will be if you stick around Fairs. I know you Tried to do your derndest but you never. I hope you get a Hudson again if the other one never comes back. One afternoon locked in the store. Always say your prayers. Always take care of your hiking suit. That was sure a good alibi!!
I hope you live until your 64 or older. I’ll never forget your size! Who would? Or forget a few other things.

One of your couldn’t do withouts

Gordon Price

Mary Brodie Inscription


May 7, 1925

Dear Davina,

I think you will remember me as a friend, I think I have known you almost all my life and have always considered you as a true friend. Please Davina don’t forget the good times we used to have hiking remember the one to Galt when B.H. said he would meet us and what brilliant time we had coming home.
I know you will never forget our Galt sheiks (Ha). Remember the time B.H. came over and I told you not to go with him and it made him mad.
Davina remember the time we went to the country and I wanted to ride a horse and finally found one and rode a few miles and fell off and couldn’t get back on, and had to walk about half mile. Gee, I will never forget those days. Well Davina I have writing here for about 2 hours and never said anything so had better sign off. Wishing you all the success in the world, I remain your friend and classmate.

Mary Brodie