Ernest (Erney) F. Dean and Olive Gass Inscriptions


Dear Davina:

I am sure you will never forget the Teacher Training Agriculture Class of ’25 and the field trips we took. Also the composition you wrote on men. Everytime I think of you , I will also think of that lid Hudson for every where I would go I would see that car. I wish you happiness and success in your later life and may you make ‘Jack’ a good secretary someday.

Always your friend,

Erney F. Dean

Dear Davina,

We sure have had a lot of fun in our senior year especially in phys ed altho when you took up “basket ball” they made you drop it. You sure can help me guard if you are needed can you not.

I remain,

Olive Gass

Margaret Keating Inscription


Why should a young lady get “ill” riding in a coupe?? Was in the coupe??

April 30, 1925

Dear “Dage”:

Well we are almost at the “jumping off” place. After twelve years of work together in the close distance we can almost see our “sheepskins”.
Don’t dare ever forget 3rd ward and a little blond with long hair who was skinny and mean, she got over the skinniness but not the meanness. Our high school days and last but not least our many arguments over locker keys.
Remember one evening that we went to Chili??? Remember Dick the hero of our dime novel??? The day we tried to take down the fence at the football game?? And if you feel inclined to wonder, think and work, tell me why does light penetrate into seemingly dark places?

Your third ward friend,
Margaret Keating

Gordon Price Inscription


Dear Daggie etc:

I will hereby take my pen and ink in hand and drop a line. I tried to do you a favor but owing to circumstances, I couldn’t. Altho I squeezed, pounded, n’everything but was SOP. Please try KRESS. I hope your unfortunate in life. You will be if you stick around Fairs. I know you Tried to do your derndest but you never. I hope you get a Hudson again if the other one never comes back. One afternoon locked in the store. Always say your prayers. Always take care of your hiking suit. That was sure a good alibi!!
I hope you live until your 64 or older. I’ll never forget your size! Who would? Or forget a few other things.

One of your couldn’t do withouts

Gordon Price

Virginia Caldwell Inscription



Dearest Davina!

This is a terrible time to write. Assembly and all the kids yelling and carrying on. Study hall-
Well! That’s over:
Davina. I believe we first became friends over a mutual unhappiness. Big fact! I don’t know how many times we’ve spent in Fairs taking off, trying on, and changing shoes, but it must number up in the thousands.
Never forget the wild night ride to Chilli in the Hudson when you lost the money and nearly killed us in the bargain.
Well, old dear, our terms almost up and I must admit that I’m sorry and that we’ve sure had some hot times.
But never forget the craziest fool in old T.H.S.

Virginia Caldwell

Kathryn Schmitt Inscription


Jan 24, 1925

Dear Davina,

We have been friends for several years, and I hope our friendship will continue in the future even if our school days are almost over.
Was we supposed to go to a poultry show once, it was grand wasn’t it? Ha. Did you ever see your ford?
Well Davina I wish you all the success in the world.

Your old friend
Kathryn Schmitt
Senior 24 25

Pauline Wolfe Inscription


Trenton Missouri
January 16, 1925

Dear Davina:

We have had lots of fun in our school days but this year will end it. I have always considered you as a friend and hope you feel the same way about me. I know you will always remember the day we skipped school (1924) and went to Chilli in Grace’s car (combs) and the day we hid in the cloak room from Miss Conner. They were the good old days. Remember the day we went to meet the football boys in the Hudson and ––––??–– Out of luck.

A true friend,

Pauline Wolfe
802 Kitty St.
Trenton Mo.