Shirley’s Journal Entry


Stolen at Shirley’s Thursday May 22, 1924. Grace Lemely, Sandy Jennings, Pauline Wolfe, Hazel Simpson, Jame Keithley, Davona Young, Gilbert Hammon and I skipped school and went to Chillicothe in Grace’s Buick. We got awful dirty but we had a wonderful time. We went to Woolworth’s and stole every thing we could Pauline being able to get away with the most valuable article. It took her a long time to decided what color comb she wanted but finally took a black and white one.

Sophmore Freshman Reception

Sophomore Freshman Reception

In the T.O.O.J hall on the night of December 22, 1921 there assembled about 175 freshman and sophomores for their annual reception.
The hall was beautifully decorated in the color of both classes which were red and black for sophomores and marron and white for freshmen.
Throughout the evening games were played including rook and other card games. Victrola music was enjoyed by those who could get near enough to hear, and at an appointed time the lights were turned low and in came Santa amid shouts of delight and anticipation from the freshmen. He went to a tree which was standing at one end of the room and which was laden with gifts and began to distribute various parcels and packages to the delighted guests.

Shortly after the gifts were all given out delicious refreshments were served consisting of sandwiches, salad, pickles, and cocoa.
At a late hour all departed in high glee.
We all had a good time. The best thing in the evening was Derb McReynolds jig dancer. Of course we all enjoyed the ice cream and cake.

Teacher Training Journal

A Week in the Country


Sunday Feb 1
We arrived at 3:30 o’clock, getting our baggage located, we cleansed our faces, manicured our nails, did up our (Davina’s) hair. After getting in bed we found that a drink would comfort our lonely desire, so jumping quickly out of bed we ran to the water bucket and drank our fill. After warming our chilled bodies we skipped gleefully back. Davina putting her 145 lbs on the back of the bed and when Retta was attempting to put her 150 in when- Boom- crack- down we went, for the slats had broken and theirs fallen out. After much labor on the party Mrs Webster and we girls, we crawled back in bed and dreamed wonderful dream of our sweethearts.

Monday, Feb 2
Nothin’ happened much, only the usual 4 mile hike to the little school by the road.

Tuesday Feb 3
Same old routine- Oh, yes, by the way, Retta received a letter. From whom?
Retta fell in the mud on the way home from school, and a small washing was done.

Wednesday, Feb 4
Mud, Mud, Mud and more Mud. This was Davina’s “Day of Doom”. Taught all day.

Thursday Feb 5
Retta began her try out at noon. Things were going pretty smoothly when- knock knock- (Retta’s knees shook). We had mother visitors that day. What a time we had crossing the creek. The ice had melted- how did we get across? Why waded of course, poor Retta had to carry the frightened Carl also.
Returned at eight bells, same as usual.

Friday Feb 6
Home Coming Day. Pushed McKeens ford over hill and dale.