“Juniors Score in Class Plays”- Newspaper Article



“Oh Helpless Man,” and “All a Mistake” Were Ably Presented.

The cook came out of the kitchen and masqueraded as a man of parts while another gazabo was saved from the bleak fields of bachelorhood at the Library Auditorium where the actors of the Junior Class ably held forth yesterday afternoon and last night in two plays “All a Mistake” and “Oh Helpless Man.”

The two comedies were uniformly well presented before two fair sized audiences. The mistake occurred when Charles Jones, the lowly cook, applied for a job at the home of Mrs. Ball, Davina Harvey and was welcomed as “Jerry Luke,” Merle Overton. Considerable humor was wrung from the resultant situation and the final successful establishment of identities, “Jerry” dropping her impersonation of a boy and Jones confessing that he was used to frying potatoes. Other members of the cast were Evelyn Thompson, the niece of Mrs. Ball; Lucille Davenport and Kathryn Miller.

The “Helpless Man” was discovered sewing a button on the wrong side of his vest, we believe it was, by a girl who took pity on him and ended by becoming his wife, proving beyond a shade of a doubt that he was helpless.

The play was clever, holding many laugh-provoking situations and was excellently projected by Margaret Keating, as Mrs. Pinchbeck, Helen Dowson as Maurine Mann, the girl, Bill Smith as Raymond Osgood, the man, and Harry Watts, an expressman.