“Juniors Score in Class Plays”- Newspaper Article



“Oh Helpless Man,” and “All a Mistake” Were Ably Presented.

The cook came out of the kitchen and masqueraded as a man of parts while another gazabo was saved from the bleak fields of bachelorhood at the Library Auditorium where the actors of the Junior Class ably held forth yesterday afternoon and last night in two plays “All a Mistake” and “Oh Helpless Man.”

The two comedies were uniformly well presented before two fair sized audiences. The mistake occurred when Charles Jones, the lowly cook, applied for a job at the home of Mrs. Ball, Davina Harvey and was welcomed as “Jerry Luke,” Merle Overton. Considerable humor was wrung from the resultant situation and the final successful establishment of identities, “Jerry” dropping her impersonation of a boy and Jones confessing that he was used to frying potatoes. Other members of the cast were Evelyn Thompson, the niece of Mrs. Ball; Lucille Davenport and Kathryn Miller.

The “Helpless Man” was discovered sewing a button on the wrong side of his vest, we believe it was, by a girl who took pity on him and ended by becoming his wife, proving beyond a shade of a doubt that he was helpless.

The play was clever, holding many laugh-provoking situations and was excellently projected by Margaret Keating, as Mrs. Pinchbeck, Helen Dowson as Maurine Mann, the girl, Bill Smith as Raymond Osgood, the man, and Harry Watts, an expressman.

A Trip to Storyland- Playbill


“A Trip To Storyland”
Music Director, Miss Jewel Gose
Coach, Miss Velma Sheldon

Brainerd School-Director, Miss Mildred Graham.


Part 1.
Jack of the Bean Stalk Ray Lawson
Dick Whittenton Earl Hubbell
Puss in the Boots Buel Fisher
Alladin Jack Todd
Hop-0-My Thumb Walter Edgar
Tiny Cub Martha Callan
Babes in the Woods Lyndal Limes, Frank Hoffman
Old Dame of the Pig Driving Fame Grace Sullivan
Cinde1ella Jeanette Hoffman
Sleeping Beauty Georgia Lee Vanderpool
Three Little Kittens Marjorie Lee Cook, Virginia Miller, Eddie Patterson
Little Goldenhair Annabell Glick
Goody Two Shoe Pauline Hubbell
Musical Sketch John Conrad Rose, Ed Easton
Directed by Mrs. W. H. McDonald.
Reading Mary Robinson
Part 2.
Tom, the Piper’s Son Junior Campbell
Georgie Porgie Richard Poage
Jack Martin Flesher
Jack Horner Herbert Brown
Bachelor Carl Muff
Humpty Dumpty Edward Wilson
Simple Simon Felis Blevins
Tommie Tucker Merle Rosson
Little Boy Blue Cassius Kidd
Wee Willie Winkle Wilson Jones
Mother Goose Mary Ann Patterson
Mother Hubbard Wilma McCollum
Jill Dorothy Sweeny
Contrary Mary Harriett Patterson
Bachelor’s wife Ruth Alleshouse
Little Bo Peep Mary Cooksey
Bettie Blue Helen Newton
Little Miss Muffett Helen Jo Cedarburg
Milkmaid Eunice Welche
Curly Locks Margerete Blue
Rock-A-Bye-Baby Louise Breitenbucher
Baby Bunting Frona Rooks
Cross Patch Josephine Ralls
Norton School Directed by Miss Burkholder, Miss Page

We Mix Sighs With Sunshine When We Say Goodbye.

Turning of the Shrew- Playbill and Student Ticket


Redpath Horner
Lyceum Course
Auspices of
Trenton High School
Student Season Ticket $1.00
Printing Donated by
The Republican – Tribune

The Coffer Miller Players
Turning of the Shrew
A Comedy

Friday, March 20, 1925

The version of the play being the one long used by Edwin Booth,
re-arranged from the Garrick version, by William Winters

The Cast in Order of Their First Appearance
A Music Master C. L. Kelley
Petruchio, a Rich Young Gentleman of Verona JESS COFFER
Baptista Minola, a Rich Old Gentleman of Padua Miner Coburn
Katharine, Daughter of Baptista MARTHA MILLER
Biondello, Servant of Baptista Charles Booth
Gromio, Servant to Petruchio Ulmont Healy
Curtis, Servant to Petruchio Helen McIntyre
A Tailor Cecil Ferguson

A Lady in Waiting. A Musician’s Boy

SCENE: Padua, in Italy.
PERIOD: The Sixteenth Century.
SCENE 1. In front of Baptista’s House.
SCENE 2. The same. The next day.
SCENE 3. Petruchio’s Country House. Evening.
SCENE 4. The same. Morning.

This play was produced and directed by Mr. Coffer and Miss
Miller . All costumes designed by Miss Miller.

Daddy Long Legs (School Play)- Playbill

“Daddy Long Legs”

Presented by

Senior Dramatic Club

High School Auditorium

March 3, 1925, 8 p.m.


The dining room of the John Grier home on Trustees’ day.
Girls’ Quartette.

Judy’s college study, an afternoon in May, one year later.
McReynolds and Herrington (Eugene Wolfe).

The sitting room at Lock Willow farm, summer. three years later.
Girls’ Quartette.

Mr. Pendleton’s library, two months later.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French of New York.

Jervis Pendleton Eugene Chapman
James McBride Ned Pence
Cyrus Wykoff Robert Lee Liston
Abner Parsons Ernest Deane
Griggs Chas. Graham
Walters Leonard Lewis
Judy Wilma Fortney
Miss Pritchard Coral Johnson
Mrs. Pendleton Miriam Reed
Julia Pendleton Jessie Wells
Sallie McBride Lockie Lee Cannady
Mrs. Semple Hilda Lenz
Mrs. Lippett Virginia Caldwell
Sadie Kate Theo Stone
Gladiola Edith Klingensmith
Loretta Virginia Thompson
Mamie Lenore Berneking
Susie Joanna Barnes
Freddie Perkins Frank Horner
Carrie Annie Wynn

Clarence (School Play)- Playbill

A Comedy in Four Acts
By Booth Tarkington
Presented by
Tuesday, May 26th 1925
Eight O’clock

ACT 1–Anteroom to Mr. Wheeler’s private office.
ACT II–Living room of Mr. Wheeler’s home; three weeks later.
ACT III–The same that evening.
ACT IV–The same next morning.

Clarence has no medals, no shoulder bars, no great accomplishments. One of the “five millions,” he served where he was sent-though it was no further than Texas. As an entomologist he found- on this side of the ocean, no field for his special in the Great War. So they sent him to driving mules. Now, reduced to civil life, and seeking a job, he finds a position in the home of one Wheeler, a wealthy Englewood man with a family. And because he’d “been in the army,” he becomes guide, philosopher and friend to members of that agitated and distracted family group. Clarence’s position is an anomalous one. He mends the bathroom plumbing, he tunes the piano, he plays the saxophone, and all around him revolves such a group of characters as only “Booth Tarkington” could offer.

In order of their appearance
Mrs. Martyn Miriam Reed
Mr. Wheeler Rex Moore
Mrs. Wheeler Rena Davis
Bobby Wheeler Olan Jackson
Cora Wheeler Wilma Fortney
Violet Penney Mary Leeper
Clarence Hugh Drennen
Della Maurene Mann
Dinwiddie Leonard Lewis
Hubert Stem Ned Pence

The Gold Bug (School Play)- Playbill


The Gold Bug
Presented by
The Senior Class
of The Trenton High School
Hubbell Theatre
Thursday, May 29, 1924

William Legrand, The Butterfly Clinton Hamilton
Barry Linton, The Friend Justin Doan
Jupiter, The Butler Merbel Thompson
Eugene Kipp, The Carolinian Paul Sanford
Noll Phelan, The Mystery Charles Hoover
Mr. Job Merrimack, Esq., The Bostonian Andy Kilburn
Isaac Milligan, The Grafter Corwin Vencill
Kate Horne, The Stenographer Flo Crawford
Dollie Slattery, The Romantic Ethel Rosenbaum
Old Hagar, The Vagrant Julia Caldwell
Jo Cherry, The Girl Lucille Merryman
Mrs. Horne, The Mother Elsie Elliott
Mrs. Farrington-Foster, The Aristocrat Cecil Markham
Beulah Farrington Foster, The Debutante Dorothy Tyler
College Boys

Act. 1. William’s apartments in the Bachelor Club. New York City. Disinherited

Act. II. A newspaper office in Sullivan, S. C. Four months later. The Gold Bug

Act III. Same as Act II, a few hours later. The Code Message

Act IV. Same as Act III, ten days later. The Buried Treasure

The Gold Bug is a modern comedy telling the story of a gay young man in New York—how his millions palled on him —how he became penniless—how he tried to work for himself—how he was defeated and how he came back—how he sacrificed all his wealth for honor and how his sacrifice was rewarded.
William Legrand learns that his grandfather has disinherited him and starts out to carve his own way to fortune. He starts a little newspaper in a small town in South Carolina but only meets with slight success. A tempting offer is made him to enter a dishonorable business, but he decides to win or lose his own way in an honest manner. He finds a mysterious code message and succeeds in locating a chest of treasure buried years before by the pirates.

Come out of the Kitchen (School Play)- Playbill


The Senior Class
of 1923

“Come Out of the Kitchen”

A Comedy in three Acts
By A. E. Thomas

Olivia Dangerfield (Alias Jane Ellen)
Mary Louise Hackett
Elizabeth Dangerfield (Alias Araminta)
Marian Gilluly
Mrs. Faulkener (Tucker’s sister)
Irma Comstock
Cora Falkener (Her Daughter)
Margaret Elliott
Amanda (Olivia’s Black Mammy)
Mayme Boyle
Burton Crane (From the North)
Bill Morris
Thomas Lefferts (Statistical Poet)
Temple Allen
Solon Tucker (Crane’s Attorney)
Melvin Rogers
Paul Dangerfield (Alias Smithfield)
Russell Thomas
Charles Dangerfield (Alias Brindlebury)
L. D. Brummitt
Randolph Weeks (A Real Estate Agent)
Edwin Bain

Act I- Drawing room in the Dangerfield mansion in Virginia. Note-During this act the curtain will be lowered for a few seconds to indicate the passing of four hours time.
Act II-The kitchen-afternoon- Two day later.
Act III-The dining room-Just before dinner on same day.

Specialties-A moonlight sketch by Cleo Lewis, Eula Crawford, and Russel Hamilton Music by Trenton High School Orchestra
Produced with permission of Samuel French, Publisher.
Properties furnished by the Gipson Furniture Company and Hemley Furniture Company

Evelyn Thompson Inscription


Dear Davina,

I’m afraid you’ll be sorry you asked me to scribble in your memory book this is my first attempt this year, nevertheless, here goes. We are neighbors now hope we always will be. I haven’t been with you much but enough to share your trials in practicing on the Junior class play “Just a Little Miss Take” and how you are going to make your dress. hope will always be fellow sufferers.

Evelyn Thompson