Shirley’s Journal Entry


Stolen at Shirley’s Thursday May 22, 1924. Grace Lemely, Sandy Jennings, Pauline Wolfe, Hazel Simpson, Jame Keithley, Davona Young, Gilbert Hammon and I skipped school and went to Chillicothe in Grace’s Buick. We got awful dirty but we had a wonderful time. We went to Woolworth’s and stole every thing we could Pauline being able to get away with the most valuable article. It took her a long time to decided what color comb she wanted but finally took a black and white one.

Shirley’s Menu and Receipt



Coca Cola 05
Root Beer 05
Lemonade 10
Smile 05
Grape Juice 10
Grape Rickey 15
Phosphates 05
Green River 05
Gingerale 10
Limeade 10
Frappes Fruit 15
Cherry 15
Strawberry 15
Pineapple 15
Chocolate 15
Marshmallow 15
Carmel 15
Fruit Salad 20
Smooths 15
Malted Milk 15
Malted Milk with egg 20
Green River 15
Root Beer 15
Orange 15
Strawberry 15
Lemon 15
Chocolate 15
Marshmallow 15
Cherry 15



Home Made 20 Minted Bridge 20
Banana Split 25 Parfait, any flavor 15
Egg Lemonade 15 Egg Smooths 20


Tenderloin 10 Pimento Cheese 10
Pimento Ham 10 Combination 25
Ham 10 St. Paul 15
Salad 10 Pork 10
Ham and Egg 25 Tongue 10
Olive 10
Chilli 10
Tamales 10
Soup 10
Milk, bottle 05 Hot Chocolate 10
Coffee 05 Tea 10
Special plate lunches each day


Cream of Tomato Soup 10c
Chicken Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Tomatoes 35c
Baked Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Relish 35c
Cottage Cheese with Wafers 15c
Pineapple Salad with Wafers 15c
Spiced Cake Pudding 10c
Angel Food Cake 10c
Custard Pie 10c
Apple Pie 10c

Lockie Lee Canady Inscription


February 26, 1925

Dear Davina,

Don’t forget the time at the football game between Marysville and Trenton where we had to drive all over town, hunting for Hershey Bars and other kind of boxes and the hard luck you had with the fender on somebody’s car.
Then again will you ever forget the night when we went to Chillicothe and the wild ride home when we tried to imitate the ‘Big Dip’ at Electric Park. And the delicious chocolate sodas we had that night at Shirley’s. I can still taste them.
In years to come I shall always remember the girl who fixed me up such “keen” cokes at Fairs Drug Store.
Remember me as one of T.H.S.’ old students of 1925.

Lockie Lee Canady