Nola Sibbitt Inscription


Dear Davina,

“Teacher” Warrine is trying her best to interfere with this writing but where “there’s a will there’s a way”. Isn’t it funny to be in study hall in Miss Woodfuff’s room because we always diligently apply ourselves. Remember these times when you are living in “single blessedness” or before or after whichever the case may be “that you have tumbled on the brink and at last splashed off into the sea of matrimony”. Remember to dive in where you can swim out if your not picked up by the right boat.

“A fellow Sufferer”

Nola Sibbitt

Maurice Kells Inscription


Jan 23, 1925

Dear Davina,

Shall I remember you. I’ll say I will because we have both been fellow sufferers in T.T class. I shall never forget a dear friend and seatmate or rather tablemate. Davina do you know how to throw goals by now. Remember 2nd hour Physical Ed and the basketballs.
Boy if Miss N would see this and after her constant talking and emphasis on Grammer I’m sure she’ll recommend me. Don’t you think so. (I know she will not). May happiness be your and live a long peaceful life with __________ probably S.J. Your friend Till Happy Hooligan runs for President.

Maurice Kells

Maurice Goins and Merle Overton Inscriptions


Dear Davina,

I will always remember our agriculture class under Herrington and the day he read one of your composition on “Men”. You understand them so well.

Maurice Goins
Senior 24-25
2202 Mable St.

Dear Davina,

Oh those interesting days we spent last year and this year preparing for Teacher Training about ten minutes beforehand. Also all our “bawling outs” in Agriculture class. Don’t forget our basketball team and I am sure I won’t.

Merle Overton
Aladdin Club
Pep Squad
Letter Club
BB Team